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Welcome Luce Farm Vermont CBD Products!

Many members of our Indigo community have inquired about CBD oil and we have been listening. Indigo would like to welcome Luce Farm Vermont to Meadville!

When we started getting asked about CBD products: we started researching. We were not interested in mass produced CBD products that were not tested and proven. We were looking for a small grower with an established reputation. We wanted a product that was third party tested to ensure we were getting the best the industry had to offer. We are so glad to announce that we found our match.

Luce Farm Vermont is located in Stockbridge, Vermont and is run by the Pimentel family. They offer four different products and we will be carrying them all here at Indigo. Their products are Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Hemp Honey, Hemp Coconut Oil, and Hemp Topical Balm. Although they had us at Hemp Honey, we needed to know more. We wanted to make sure that the products we were getting held up to our ideals of healthy, sustainable living. When we asked for a little more information this is some of what they told us.

We purchase our balm ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs. The coconut oil and MCT oil we use is Nutiva Organic Steam Refined Coconut Oil and Nutiva Organic MCT Oil (sourced from coconuts). We utilize the super critical CO2 extraction process with special terpene preservation techniques to get the highest quality full spectrum CBD Oil.
— Chris

This was good news for us! Luce Farm Vermont hit all of the high marks!

-High Quality


-Sustainably Sourced

-Third Party Tested

With all that information we knew they would be a great fit for Indigo. Luce Farm Vermont has been featured in several articles ranging from local news outlets, all the way to Rolling Stones. So rather than list them all here, I provided links to a few of the articles so you can read them for yourself. I also wanted to share a link to their website so you can get a better feel for what they are about.

Just a few of the many articles featuring Luce Farms Vermont:

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