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Lets Talk about Geode Cracking

I wanted to take a minute and share some details for those who have never been to the geode tent. We carry a variety of geodes so let me tell you a little about a few of them.

Sonora Geodes:

These are a new type of geode that was just discovered last year in the Sonora Province of Mexico. I have labeled them in our booth as Sonora "Rose" geodes because of there pink color.

Trancas Geodes:

Trancas Geodes are found in Chihuahua Mexico. The can have a variety of crystal formations in them and range from clear to whit to a light blue.

Moroccan Geodes:

Moroccan geodes will have clear to smokey quart crystals in them. They are one of the favorites under then tent.

Keokuk Geodes:

These geodes are found right here in the US. while they can be found up and down the Mississippi river the epicenter for them is in Keokuk Iowa.

So how does the geode tent work? Well you pick your geode and decide if you want to take it home and break it yourself or have us crack it with the geode cracker right there at the tent. You get to keep both halves! Then if you choose to you can walk up to Indigo at 303 Chestnut St. right there in Meadville and enter to win our geode giveaway! Every second Saturday Community Market we giveaway a geode, this time we will giveaway a 6" Druzy Myst Geode! You can watch the video of us cracking last weeks giveaway geode right down below here!

Trancas geodes being the most popular, they are mined in Chihuahua Mexico.

Trancas geodes being the most popular, they are mined in Chihuahua Mexico.

Sonora "Rose" geodes

Sonora "Rose" geodes

Moroccan Geodes

Moroccan Geodes

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