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Introducing J&J Naturals!

We asked Jodi from J & J Naturals to tell us all about her creations. Take a look at what she has to say!

J & J’s Naturals is proud to have found such an amazing home for or line of nature inspired gifts. The husband and wife team began making jewelry and terrariums because of their love for the outdoors. Each piece is handmade with love.
T-Wearium Aquatic Necklaces and Deskmates are unique gifts for any nature lover. The necklaces are like wearing a mini planted tank. Each necklace a different choice of stone, a quartz crystal, java moss, mini pellia moss, and marimo moss. The pendants are on a 30 inch adjustable black bamboo cord. Bamboo is a very fast growing, promoting sustainability. The deskmates were designed to bring life into office spaces or study areas. Each comes with a different choice of stone, a quartz crystal and java moss.

The moss is lovingly grown in our home aquarium. All three mosses are easy to care for. Each comes with a care sheet, which includes the basic healing property provided by each stone, and pipette to keep your necklace or deskmates beautiful and thriving.
Whether you are interested in stones for their healing properties or aesthetics, these products are a unique gift for the ones you love.
— Jodi S.
T-Wearium Aquatic Necklaces and Deskmates

T-Wearium Aquatic Necklaces and Deskmates

We are so very excited to have J & J T-Wearium Aquatic Necklaces and Deskmates here at Indigo. We have found these to be a great way to bring a love for nature with you wherever you go. Items like these and many others are a great way to support artisans that are right here in our community.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Indigo!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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