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Community Links

We would like to share some invaluable community resources here in Meadville Pennsylvania. Our focus here at Indigo as a metaphysical shop and spiritual boutique is the individual spiritual wellness no matter the path you take. What so wonderfully comes with that wellness is community wellness. All these organizations support not only Chestnut st. businesses but all Meadville area businesses and are an invaluble community resource.


Community Links

We would like  to help spread the word about some of the wonderful community organizations right here in Meadville Pennsylvania. All these organizations are working hard every day to make Meadville such a great place. Feel free to take a look at there pages to find answers to your questions, or even find a community event that could truly enrich you life.

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My Meadville

My Meadville is designed to bring our community together by identifying what matters most to all of us - the heart and soul of the City of Meadville.


Meadville Chamber of Commerce

In 2007, the Chamber celebrated 200 years of serving as an advocate for the community. We regularly field calls from those wanting to start a business, those needing connected to community resources, those out of the area, and those unsure of where to turn. The Chamber, your Chamber, is strong and growing- getting ready to serve you for the next 200 years!


Meadville Calendar

As stated on there Facebook page;

"Meadville deserves a better calendar. We want to create a place that defies the notion that "there's never anything going on". "

This is a great community resource including many directories and a comprehensive community event calendar.


Restoration Herbs

Restoration Herbs is the place where Leslie M. Alexander offers a window into her practice. She blends centuries of herbal tradition with contemporary ideas, all with the intent of supporting and sustaining access to The People's Medicine. Through consultations, classes, workshops and individual mentoring opportunities, Leslie works with medicinal herbs to help us support our own health, the health of those near and dear and clients wherever they may roam.


Quantum Balance Erie

As stated on there homepage;

“Whether you are looking for assistance regarding physical, mental, or spiritual aspects, someone to confide in or deep relaxation, we have a variety of services to cater to your unique needs. It’s all about helping you heal yourself from the inside out.”


GRETCHEN LAKSHMI, Yoga | Meditation | Wellness

I am here to support you in your healing journey –

with love, from my heart to yours. ~ Gretchen