Indigo Boutique & Botanica
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Indigo is a spiritual boutique in historic downtown of Meadville, PA. A religiously neutral but spiritually inclusive place for anyone who is interested in expanding their spiritual practice or learning about a new one.


Welcome to Indigo! We are so glad that you found us. As you know Indigo Boutique & Botanica is the premier metaphysical shop of Meadville PA. We have on hand a wide range of products and provide variety of services that will contribute to both your spiritual and physical wellness no mater your religious path. Our focus is to not only to provide quality products and services but also provide a place where the community can come together, share, and interact in a positive way. So please by all means do share, pin, and post anything that peeks your interest so we can continue to grow our community. We can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Pintrest. Did we miss a platform that's important to you? Let us know and perhaps we can join you there too!